Whole House Fan Systems

Cool your home instantly, quietly, and affordably! Whole House Fans are one of the best ways to create a fresh, cool, comfortable breeze in your home – while conserving energy and saving money at the same time! In the best environment – we can cool off your home 20 degrees or more in 20 minutes!

Whenever evenings cool off, you can create a wonderfully cool and fresh living and sleeping environment for a fraction of the energy cost of A/C – and in a fraction of the time. While traditional whole-house fans are big, noisy brutes, our fans are energy-efficient and whisper-quiet.

Whole House Fan Concept

Installed in your attic, with a small intake in your ceiling, whole house fans work by pulling cool, outside air in through open windows and creating positive pressure in the attic, exhausting hot air to the outside. QuietCool fans cool and ventilate your entire house in minutes.

Stealth Fans by QuietCool

QuietCool has been the industry leader for years, and has developed an exclusive premium grade fan system for ClearView West. We are proud to present the quietest, most efficient whole house fan system available!

Our cutting edge technology offers:

  • Cools your entire home in minutes for pennies an hour!
  • 3 Variable speeds offer a whopping 4000 cubic feet of air circulation per minute.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • 15 year warranty – 15 YEARS!